The Dog & Rocket Tour 2010

July 23, 2010

Flashed by an old lady in Central Park

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The drive into New York (La Guardia) was fairly uneventful apart from a couple of torrential downpours on the way. That said we did go by Scranton PA, another place Harry Chapin wrote a song about, 30,000 pounds of bananas, to be precise. It was another true story and you can read about it here.

Back to driving on US Freeways. Speed limits on the freeways are generally around 65mph and enforcement of them is almost totally absent. Everybody seems to go at least 10mph faster than the posted limit, irrespective of road or weather conditions. Consequently there is a lot of erratic lane changing and “exciting moments” so we were not unhappy to offload the hire car back to Hertz, who did not spot the bit of damage to the front apron so no excess charge there.

New York was continuing to swelter in 95f  temps so for our first day we took to the water. We rode the subway to South Pier and did the ferry to Staten Island and then in the afternoon we did the Statue of Liberty cruise. Day 2 we did the guided bus tour of downtown NYC and hopped off part way to do Central Park. As it was another blisteringly hot day we sat down for 5 minutes on a cool bench and that was when the trouble started. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an old lady approaching, who if she was a day she had to be 80. Immediately she caught my glance and I looked away sensing imminent problems. As I did she hollered out “You shouldn’t look at people like that, it ain’t nice”. Of course I had to make eye contact with her again and she was now doing a spritely skip towards me, holding her dress up around her armpits and displaying a knee length pair of your grandmother’s old red paisley print drawers. To make matters worse, at the top of her voice she yelled out  ”hey boy do you want some of this?”. I was mortified, Karen nearly wet herself but fortunately the old girl continued on her merry way and did not hear my reply.

Our verdict on New York was that it was vibrant and exciting and in the neighbourhood where we were staying, Upper West Side Manhattan, completely safe and non-threatening to just stroll around in, much to our surprise.

Saturday 17th, we hopped a quick flight to Baltimore for what should have been a 2 hour drive to Lake Anna near Mineral in Virginia, but it turned into 4 hours plus in 96f temps due to heavy traffic. We are stopping here for the next 6 days and anticipate a quiet, restful bit of solitude, just what we need after NYC.

Well the restful 6 days on the lake is over with not much to report although the temps nudged the 100f mark all the week we were there. We did a trip into Washington one day, car and Metro, to see the sights and it is a truly impressive Capitol, although we did think the White House was more “Bijou” than we imagined it would be. We think we also saw David Cameron’s motorcade blasting its way around town, but we could not say so for sure.

We are now overnighting in Baltimore but get on a plane for Charleston, South Carolina tomorrow. Actually we have to get on two as for some reason we have to fly to Detroit first, crazy airlines.

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