The Dog & Rocket Tour 2010

July 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the sound of freedom”

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Here’s our first update covering just our journey to New England in general and Danvers MA in particular.

After a day’s layover at Waikiki in Honolulu we were back in the air for the overnight journey to Chicago and a quick plane change at 5am for the final leg to Newark NJ. The flight out of Honolulu was memorable for the sights and sounds that prompted the title of this posting and they came from the captain of the United 777 we were travelling on. If you are not an aviation buff, what follows may be of little interest to you but for the rubberneckers among us, well here’s the story.

As we taxied across the airport to our departure runway we were joined by two FA-18 US Navy Fighter jets.  They joined immediately in front of us and eventually lined up for departure on the runway with us some 50 metres from them and with an excellent view. As they sat on the runway doing their pre-take off checks our captain gave his usual preamble over the intercom and then with without referring to the FA-18’s but with immaculate timing he said “Ladies and Gentlemen, the sound of freedom”. Immediately the FA-18’s lit up their engines with a tremendous cacophony of noise and were gone like bats out of hell. Half the passengers in the plane cheered, as they could see what was happening, those on the starboard side were looking completely nonplussed.

Our flight from Chicago to Newark was also made more fun by the Captain who decided to make all the ATC radio traffic available on the plane’s entertainment system via CH9 and your headphones. I have flown, more than a few times before, but never had this treat and I think the gentleman from Al-Qaeda  who was sitting three rows behind us found it very informative as well. The speed with which the conversations were conducted was extremely rapid and in some very broad American accents, not easy to understand at times.

However, we were soon off the plane and in the hire car and battling our way down the New Jersey Turnpike and before too long we were queuing to cross the Hudson via The George Washington Bridge.  This bridge has to be the most magnificent steel suspension bridge in the world and definitely the most awesome sight on our trip to date.

Once we cleared New York we were in to Connecticut and then New England before arriving at our destination of Danvers MA where we are stopping for 5 days. We are planning to visit Salem, Boston, Gloucester and any other local sights we can fit in. Our Essex readers will feel quite at home here as we are in Essex County MA and nearby places include Braintree and Maldon.

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