The Dog & Rocket Tour 2010

April 11, 2010

The Dog and Rocket Tour

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The Dog and Rocket Tour 2010

Up in Massachusetts There’s a little spit of land.
The men who make the maps, yes, they call the place Cape Ann.
The men who do the fishing call it Gloucester Harbor Sound,
But the women left behind, they call the place Dogtown.

Harry Chapin 1942-1981

Welcome to our Dog & Rocket blog which will cover the 5 weeks of our trip this year to North America. Our itinerary takes us via Hawaii to Massachusetts, Niagara Falls, New York, Virginia, Washington DC, Charleston SC and Flagler Beach FL, Cape Canaveral FL, before returning to OZ va Hawaii.

So you are probably asking yourself why the name of “Dog and Rocket” and here follows a brief and hopefully coherent explanation.

Let’s start with the Dog. Back in 1972 I first heard Harry Chapin’s “Dogtown” and so began a lifelong attachment to his songs and music, which it must said are not to everyone’s taste. Some of it is quite dark and melancholy but some of it also made the mainstream such as “Circles” (all my life’s a circle) by the New Seekers, “Cat’s in the cradle” and “Taxi”. Harry, in his lifetime did a lot of work to overcome world hunger, long before that idiot “Bono” jumped on the bandwagon. In fact he was one of the first to involve Pop Music Artists in this field of charity work. Sadly, in 1981 Harry had an argument with a Petrol Tanker on a NY freeway, an argument which he lost. Chapin was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his humanitarian work. If you are interested to read more just click on this link: 

So our tour begins in Gloucester Harbor, Mass the old whaling town that Harry featured in his song “Dogtown”. We have never been to that part of the USA, so this was a good reason to include it on our itinerary and also to see Niagara and New York, two other places we have yet to visit. We finish our tour in Flagler Beach, FL where we will be handily placed to see on July 29 +/- Mission: STS-134 Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center – Launch Pad 39A Launch Time: 7:51 a.m. EDT. This will be our second attempt in recent years to see a Shuttle launch and hopefully it will go off on schedule. This is the penultimate launch of the Space Shuttle before it is retired so we hope it all goes as planned.

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